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Billie & Rhys's Wedding, Llanegwad Church & Teepee, Llanarthney

As those of you who follow me on my social media feeds will know, you could tell that Billie and Rhys's images were nearing completion as I bombarded my feed with frames from their day. This was with good reason too - what an absolutely fabulous day !

I started out covering Billie and her bridal party getting ready at the Cawdor Hotel in Llandeilo, I still remember the great effort Billie and the girls went to elegantly attaching all of the flowers to Billie's awesome head piece. I then left just before the vintage convertible VW Beetle that was taking Billie and her Dad to Llanegwad Church. I got there perhaps 15 minutes before them where I met a Rhys, his groomsmen and the remainder of the wedding party.

Following the marriage service, we made our way to Llanarthney where a reception Teepee awaited the newly weds at Margaret Bowen Memorial Field. Whilst en route, I spotted a beautiful barn at the side of the the road, traditionally white-washed but with contrasting red doors. I signalled to the Beetle to turn around and I snapped a few frames there - so glad I did - absolutely love the images that resulted ... and then - who doesn't love a tent ? Or in this case a large Teepee to house 80 joyous well wishers ? It was awesome ... I won't ramble on any more I'll let the photos speak for themselves !

Here's a smattering of frames from the couples day - hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did shooting them ! Thanks ...


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