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I just want to take the time to explain how I am GDPR compliant, namely how I collect and store your data. 



When you get in touch, enquire or book with me, I collect the following data which may by used to identify you :–

- Your name

- Your home address so I can send you your prints, products and USB’s.

- Email address so we can chat online and send contracts, invoices, questionnaires and links to your photo gallery.

- Phone number of yourself your partner, and sometimes to key persons attending your wedding (e.g. best man, maid of honour) so that I can contact you (or your bridal party in the event of an emergency) on your wedding day, or call to arrange shoot and keep in touch.


These snippets of personal information are important to me so that I can effectively undertake my obligation to you to the best of my ability.

I will never publish your full name, address or contact information on this website when posting images or in my blog posts, referring to you only by first name so that should your name be searched, you wont appear in a google search result. If any third party blogs, magazines or publications ask if they can use my images of you and request personal information online or in print, I will always seek written approval first and never assume it is automatically granted.  The only exception to your name appearing on this website is if  you were kind enough to leave me a review in your full name (on Facebook) - this helps legitimise my reviews and is searchable 'as you' through my Facebook page - thank you very much for doing so !


The most common way I collect your personal data is via the 'CONTACT' form on this website, and any contracts and questionnaires which you fill in when you book with me. In this instance all of your info is stored in a secure iOS approved software app called “Easy Release”, or via my own password protected (but not encrypted) archive system.   Other methods of collecting your personal data will include by email, Facebook messenger and Instagram direct contact, all of whom are GDPR compliant.  Any access to my emails and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is safe and secure via my devices which are fingerprint and/or password protected.

Your data is kept indefinitely unless you request me to erase it from my system. The reason I keep your information is simply so that if you got in contact later to arrange another shoot, or if you’ve lost your photos and would like me to re-send them, I know exactly who you are making the whole process easier.

Any data stored in my archive system is kept securely behind double locked doors at my home which guarded by our beautiful and loyal guard dog Rocco, who just happens to be a 7 stone Rottweiler. All jokes aside data security really does mean a lot to me.  Any questionnaires or information which are saved to my comprehensive password controlled data archive and any other devices is secured using a complex password and/or fingerprint access.



If you would like to view, amend and confirm any data which we have on you, you can do so by getting in touch and I'll send everything I have.  If you’d like me to delete this data at any point, just let us know and I will remove your personal data from my data archives.

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