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Why Photographs Are So Important

So, I took some time out of 'wed-editing' - some say that October is to wedding photographers what April is to accountants. Glancing across at my motivational board - I can see that I have 7 weddings and 3 albums to deliver on, 3 more beautiful weddings before October is out and another 4 in November. Despite the pressing need to 'get-on-with-it' I'm taking most of this weekend off to help celebrate my Mam's 'big' birthday with a weekend of family time. My brother organised a surprise afternoon tea with our close family to celebrate at the Oxwich Bay Hotel - I thought to myself, I better take a camera - we don't often get together. I'm glad I did ! 20 minutes of walking the beach yielded these permanent reminders of the day. Taking pictures of family and friends is so important - sometimes as a photographer I forget quite how important my job actually is - in turning moments into permanent memories. Going through these pics makes my smile - (not that I do!) but sometimes it's easy to forget that what I do makes them feel this way too.

Anyhow, this is my family - but it may just as well be yours - 25 minutes on the beach got us 125+ images - memories for the future, particularly for the littlest ones ! ... oh yeah - and I before I go - my brother shot the ones of me and my Mam before anyone asks ! Inbox me if you'd like something similar for your family.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share - thanks for looking - going back to 'wed-editing' now ! Check back soon for a whole load of blog posts of some epic weddings !


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