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Peter & Vera's Golden Wedding Anniversary, Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire

Just had to share a few frames from Peter and Vera's celebration at Maesbrook, Cwmcarvan near Monmouth. It was a glorious summer's day with blue skies, beaming sunshine and not a single cloud in sight !

It is a rare thing for families to get the opportunity to meet up to celebrate a relations special occasion - so on such occasions it's even more important to record the events of the day. I'm just glad that being 'the photographer' in my family, I am very grateful to have a collection of images of my own nearest and dearest. As you can see, I take an approach not too dissimilar to my wedding work, trying to capture a mixture of images to provide context, details, candids and slightly posed shots which tells the story of the day.

I'm sure Peter, Vera and their extended family will enjoy these images for very many years to come. Anyhow, here are a few images from their day ...

Hope you like what you see ! If you're looking for an event photographer, please be sure to drop me a line !


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