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Is groom prep as important as bridal prep ?

HELL YES !!! Unfortunately though, as a one-man-band, I can't be at two locations at the same time - however I am able to hire a second professional wedding photographer to be and cover all the places I can't. For an extra £250 (which fades into insignificance in an overall wedding budget) a second shooter will accompany me throughout the day and be available to cover groom prep, guest arrival at the venue, candid's while I'm taking formals, different angles and generally be another pair of eyes and cameras ! This adds significantly to the storytelling style many of you will know so well. As a result it is not uncommon for you to add a further 250+ unforgettable images of your day,  

Just to illustrate my point, here is a grooms prep I shot whilst working alongside the very talented Simone Comelli covering a wedding at De Courceys Manor near Cardiff.  These shots alone account for an extra 70 images of towards the day, and that's before all of the other images I captured throughout the day which adds to the image count of the couples day ! 

Check back soon to see what else I captured and what hiring a second photographer can do for you ! Offers some food for thought for both future and existing clients. 

Hope you like what you see, thanks for looking ... 


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