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Sophie & Kiri's Pre-Wedding Shoot, Swansea Bay

I absolutely love my job - hands down - wouldn't wish it could be any other way ! A shoot like this is exactly why ! Sophie and Kiri and getting hitched in just over 3 weeks time at Broadway Country House near Laugharne, with that in mind, I wanted to put their mind at rest before their big day and invited them on a pre-wedding shoot. I find that these types of informal shoots, i.e. 'go for a walk and a chat and snap some pics', are the absolute best way of putting clients at ease ahead of their day. Anyhow, onto the pics ... These were taken on Swansea bay near Singleton, the light was absolutely to die for, some soft, some hard but all golden - amazing. These were are snapped in just over an hour, and in total I think I've captured in excess of a hundred beautiful images ... I absolutely can't wait to shoot their day.

Hope you like what you see, thanks for looking ...


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