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Karl & Emma's Wedding, National Museum, Cardiff

When Karl and Emma approached me to shoot their wedding, I jumped at the opportunity opportunity to photograph this beautiful couple in such a grand and chic location as the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. The day didn't disappoint !

The day began by covering Karl and his grooms-men enjoying a lunch at the Hilton Hotel before covering the Emma's bridal prep at the Park Plaza Spa Hotel prior to the ceremony at the Museum.

Having a keen interest in history, particularly local Welsh history, I've visited the museum many times, but it was magnificent to see it in all its glory without anyon else there. The staff had really set the mood through altering the lighting which made the venue even more magnificent than in daylight. After the ceremony the wedding party were seated in the grand foyer where the breakfast was served. What ensued was a fantastic party to celebrate the joining of Karl and Emma. Tremendous ...

Anyhow here's a smattering of a 100 of or so images to give you a taste of how the day unfolded.

Hope you like what you see ... thanks for looking ...


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