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We're Getting Married ! ... and I shot our own engagement !!!

Bit of an announcement - Rach and I are getting married !

Having shot so many of your proposals and engagements I certainly didn't want to miss out on my own. Since we had such a fantastic time on holiday in Lanzarote I planned to return and propose at one of our most favourite places in all the world. This posed a problem - who was going to capture my engagement, particularly since I was doing it 2000 miles from home ? There was only one option - I'd have to do it myself.

When Rach asked me what I'd like for Christmas I asked her to ask Santa for an ultra-light Manfrotto Travel Tripod secretly knowing exactly why I wanted it.

So there it was, having hidden the ring for months in the house and then successfully smuggled it to Lanzarote the day had finally come. I used the ruse that we seldom get the opportunity to have pictures taken together and suggested that we go to our favourite beach to catch the sunset in the background - she agreed.

We headed down to Playa Bastian a short time before sunset and walked to the little cove which was covered in hearts. Unbeknown to Rach I had gone down there the day before and spent an hour arranging the lava rocks in a 'G & R' shape in the sand pre-empting the following days event ... so we took a stroll and admired the beautiful plants, the aqua blue of the sea before we got to the place I'd recce'd the day previously, set up the tripod and dialled in interval shooting. That was that - I got down on my knee and took her by surprise - knowing full well the camera was capturing it all !

It had all gone to plan. A couple of cocktails (read many !), a beautiful meal and watching the sun finally set completed our special day.

Here's what I got ... I just had to share them ! Anyone know a good wedding photographer (LOL) ?

Thanks for looking,



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