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Emma & Anthony's Pre-Wedding Shoot, Swansea Bay

Had an absolutely epic evening last night covering Emma and Anthony's Pre-Wedding Shoot. The sun just tucked in on the hottest day of the of 2019 to give some absolutely awesome soft light. Coupled with the reflected light from the sand it makes for some beautiful and evenly lit images.

Pre-shoots offer a really good opportunity for us to catch up before your wedding whilst delivering some beautiful images in the process. I tend to find that it most certainly relaxes couples ahead of their wedding as many people are rather fearful of having a camera pointed at them. This then gives me the opportunity to put you at ease by letting you see exactly how I work (in a chilled and relaxed way) and how I'm able to capture beautiful unforced images without the need for awkward and forceful poses. Anyhow I'm rambling on now !

I just couldn't resist sharing some of the images - I can't wait to shoot your day ... 6 weeks to go bring on Bryngarw House !!

Hope you like what you see, thanks for looking ...


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